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Building New Platforms for New Voices
etinosa yvonne
Dec 17, 2020

In the last years there has been a growing number of online initiatives promoting African photographers to the world, breaking away from simplifying representations of the continent and giving them a space to share their stories beyond the barriers of an exclusive media industry. What platforms have been pivotal to this change, creating new space for new voices? And what stories, audiences and responses have they drawn? What challenges and successes have they faced? And what purposes do they share beyond the publishing aspect? It seems that there is also a meaningful community building and support network being nurtured from these platforms. We will also discuss all these questions in relation to the current pandemic, and how it has changed the way we work and interact with each other.
Building New Platforms for New Voices

Building New Platforms for New Voices

Etinosa Yvonne

Etinosa Yvonne is a self-taught documentary photographer and visual artist based in Nigeria. She works across the African continent on various issues.
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